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What is this about?

I joined a Network Marketing business promoting nutrition back in 2002. That was my introduction to business as a whole. From there I joined Toastmasters to learn how to speak to a group and improve my communication skills, then a business club to immerse myself in enterprise and learn from other business people. Along the way I discovered that nutrition was not my cup of tea.

But there’s a reason behind what I did. Let me explain…

I found out in 1993, at the age of 26, I was going blind. A condition called Retinitis Pigmentosa (a deterioration of the retina). Within a couple of years after that I couldn’t drive a car safely or read a newspaper. Leading up to those days I was a blue collar labourer always working with my hands. Driving a car or forklift, picking orders in a warehouse. Working on motor vehicles on the weekend with my mates.

But that had to change.

Move forward 25 years, now a businessman and I have achieved so much. I’ve learnt how to navigate a computer, blind. Climbed to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro March in 2009. Was an active member in a Business Club, participating on the committee and was President and MC of the club for 12 months. (Just quietly – I was the only President who MC’d the meetings without a run sheet and kept close to time!)

Brian at Uhuru Peak Mt Kilimanjaro

As of the end of November, 2016 I now am a Black Belt in Karate. That was a seven and a half year journey. I began one week after returning from my Mt Kilimanjaro trek in Tanzania, Africa.

Through the direction of the business club I built my own telemarketing service which I currently manage.

Times change, and so do I …

I plan to fully retire from the telemarketing business end of June, 2020. This five day a week job/business is not going to buy me a house and provide the lifestyle and financial security I feel I deserve.

Because of my accomplishments I find that is why people tell me I am an inspiration for them. If you feel the same now is the time for you to do something with that inspiration, and I encourage you to look outside of your square and keep your mind open to options.

There is always more than one opportunity

Through experience I found that for many people promoting only one Network Marketing Business Opportunity can be very restrictive. That is why I created this site. Providing options for you who are looking for something else outside of your current income source.

From my experience I have seen many people who have been presented with an opportunity, which they join in the belief that this is the one to provide untold wealth creation. Sometimes that is the correct opportunity for that person.

Sometimes they wish they had looked at something else!

Also, you may have approached a number of people with the opportunity you joined, only to find out they didn’t sign up. But later you discovered they joined with a completely different company because that product or service suited their character better. If you had more options they may have signed with you.

That is what this site is about. Giving you options.

Like a shop that provides a variety of products to attract customers, I feel that only marketing the one business may not offer the particular product a potential fellow business partner is looking for! That could be a missed opportunity to expand your financial position.

If you are you looking to expand your current Network Marketing business or open to look at an extra business opportunity, consider these handpicked opportunities…

(1) MLM Recruit on Demand

This service makes expanding your network so much easier. Here you will find a site that generates leads required to expand your current or next Network Marketing business.

The leads are provided automatically for you and all you need to do is take the action and follow through. The site contains training for telephone calls with actual examples. You have the option to grow your leads in the same way.
Check out the video which outlines how the program works.


Click here for more information on the MLM Recruit On Demand opportunity

(2) Zyntravel

A travel portal where members and affiliates receive a much better deal on their holiday accommodation and flights than the general public. Plus, you get paid commission on attracting fellow affiliates or sales of travel experiences for customers you generate through your own efforts.

Click here for more information on the Zyn Travel opportunity

(3) Social Sonic CRM

Small business owners, sales professionals and affiliate marketers are taking advantage of Facebook and Twitter with Social Sonic to tap into a 300,000,000 person database to grow their pipeline, increase sales conversions, strike JV partnerships, and even build a business overnight.

social sonic crm logo

Generate virtually unlimited leads using Social Sonic. Don’t let the opportunity to engage with a hot lead go, especially when they are all set to take the connect to next level and opt in. Know it, as soon as the client indicates interest.

Social Sonic connects you with hot leads when they may be looking to buy from you or your competitors.

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